• Kristina

Energy Shift

Hi, I’m baaaaack! I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but here I am, ready for action. When I first started this blog, I was not channeling positive energy. I was caught up with the waste I was unable to control and feeling major shame. Everywhere I looked there was trash, which created a state of constantly feeling deflated. When I saw the amount of waste created by other people, like my parents for example, I felt sad that I was not having the impact I wanted so badly.

We cannot control others and must accept that everyone is on their own journey. At a work event if everyone wants to use disposables, that’s their prerogative. I will be using my own plate (or maybe the lid to my cupcake container because I forgot a real plate, which works surprisingly well). Although many people are set in their ways, my actions have planted a seed of consciousness in many, which is so exciting. They may not be interested in cutting out waste completely, but they will think of me any time they use a plastic bag or a piece of foil, and that’s progress.

Over the past year, I have thought about a lot of these issues and am coming back to you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle challenges. Taking one step at a time is so beneficial and with every change, you are making a difference. Cheer yourself on for every plastic bag you skip, every time you say to no to plastic utensils, and every step forward you take. Rather than feeling shame, focus that energy on celebrating each step you take and deciding what to change next.

Feeling completely refreshed with a new outlook, I am back to documenting and full of positive vibes. I'm ready to share loads of of fun ideas to help you live a life full of excitement, travel & celebrations full of holiday cheer, while reducing waste at the same time. I'm so glad you are here! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, topics to discuss, or obstacles to tackle so we can brainstorm solutions together.

Making an effort makes a big impact! I vow to celebrate every victory, no matter how small, and focus on moving forward. I challenge you to do the same! And if you decide to jump all in and you find yourself at a Whole Foods salad bar eating tortellini out of a jar using your hands because you forgot your travel utensils, you are not alone. I have been there and will be there again. Just know, we are totally killing it.


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